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Ice Water Mansion - Crew

Not enough can be said about the hard work and dedication of the the Ice Water Mansion road crew. Night after night, gig after gig, these guys were the first to arrive and the last to leave every show.

Below is a listing of road crew members that have worked with IWM at different times throughout the bands long history.

Glenn Thorp, Sr. (Pops)
Tom Ilardi (Iggy)
Steve Lisi (Boat)
Mike Pranitis
Glenn Knoblauch

Guy Baker
Rick Gethin
Ken Behn
Charlie Fisher
Jeff Cacala

Terry McCormick
Shawn Carson
Brian Connor
Rick Earl
Doug Burns

Mike Garrison
Rob Hovey
Brad Clark
Scott Sanford
Ron Sturdevant

June Bice
Tom Hamula
Mike Lehman
Tony Colenda
Scott Lindsay

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